Marsha (msisolak) wrote,

It’s been a while…

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But I’ve regained some control of my life, school is in process and this year’s batch of kiddos coming along nicely in terms of being in school and dealing with school demands. Every year is a little different, and this year is a drama year with all the girls. I’ve already had the ‘she won’t be my friend’ and pinching episodes, and that will simply not continue. Most of my boys are little boys and mischievous, rather than malicious. Lots of wiggles and conversations, and getting them to stay on task and be in the right place is taking time. Oh, well. Beginning of the year and we have places to go.

My daily schedule has changed dramatically this year, too, because we’ve added in computer lab again. Still working on getting little finger to left click. Still working on a few who treat the mouse like a remote, and try pointing it at the monitor to click.

Last weekend (already?! wow) I headed to Redondo Beach for the afternoon’s SFWA readings in the library there. I had a great time chatting with fellow Dragons, because we had a good showing, and then a few other people besides. Got to meet a few familiar writers whom I’d never actually met in person and a few new-to-me writers completely. I’m very happy to know that Sofia Samatar actually lives in the vicinity. We’re trying to drag her into the Dragons, too!

I’m starting to feel as though I really don’t belong in the group based on my lack of publications. I do have another short (my buttonhole story) out to Charlie at SF&F, and he’s on a roll with his responses, so I should be getting my reject in the next few days. Nothing like being prepared for it!

And then I’ll send it out again. It’s been long enough that the magazines it was sent to originally have had the readers change completely, and I might, might get further with this rewritten version. I think it’s better at least.

And that’s the state of the Marsha.

There is some good news I’m holding back, that I can’t share until the people involved give me the go ahead. But it’s exciting! I’m hoping that I can share next week some time.

Now, off to chores and whatever else is waiting for me until we leave this afternoon–to see Pentatonix live! Yay!


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