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Second try at this because WordPress ate the first one in its entirety. :(

First off, the really good news!

I will be a grandmother on or about April 22nd and we have photos of the little bean to prove it! Needless to say, we’re thrilled. This is a result of last October’s wedding, and I hope… I really hope! The Eldest Child gets his in spades. (No, I don’t think this retribution… I just think he needs to experience the fullness of all that life has to offer. )

It’s time. My younger sister has been thrice blessed; my younger brother has been at this far longer with his three grandchildren. It’s my turn. Although I’m being very careful on the who’s the grandmother in charge, because this is not my actual daughter, and I think the other grandmother will be very involved. Still, lots of excitement around here, and all we’re asking for is a healthy baby.

The Eldest Child, however, has plans for purchasing toddler ski suits.

Let me repeat: What goes around, comes around. Oh, please.

Charlie bounced my buttonhole story back with lovely comments and a suggestion to whip it into selling shape. I sent the rewrite onto the Freeway Dragons, and I will see what people say about the tale tomorrow. One of our group has already suggested that it’s a Shimmer story, so maybe there. I’m just glad to send something out in the world again after a bounce because there was a time when one bounce was a story’s death knell.

I managed to acquire an allergic reaction (or two, because I have a fine rash and something more like hives) to something I ingested earlier this week. I haven’t been this bad since I sampled blue crab at a sushi place in San Jose at World Fantasy whenever that was. It has not been fun, although it wasn’t nearly as bad as the last time, either. Thankfully, most of the itching is gone (all praise to antihistamines!) and everything’s slowly fading. I might be back to normal by Monday with any luck.

Finally, school is school, and I’ve had too many subs for comfort. It’s not a good year in that regard–I’ll be out for more than twenty, and the calendar of days when I’m out makes me dizzy. This is mostly about me being a unit writer, and if I knew now what I didn’t know then….


Still. Baby!!


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