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And so it begins…

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School is still crazy. I took 15 units this summer for a Transitional Kindergarten certificate I don’t absolutely need since I have an Early Childhood credential, but the units are good for salary increases, I’m not paying for the classes, and it’s been fun reigniting my love for teaching small people.

I added grandma to my resume last April.

12111910_10152985726397924_526071649991148320_n He’s a cutie, as you can see! (Plus, I’ve already corrupted him with Storybots jumping on the bed and he knows me because I sing The Wheels on the Bus at him over FaceTime regularly. He’s in the Seattle area. I’m not.)

No one got married this year. I have no writing to speak of. And though life is crazy busy, I’m happy and well. And this is my first step into thinking about writing again. After I finish another nine units and training for SEAL (through school) and whatever other insanity comes my way.


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